At this time…

…when innocent people are suffering and dying as a result of armed conflicts and terrorism, it is more important than ever that dialogues remain open and that we do not confuse any faith or race with the actions of particular governments or organisations. Dove

We are a group of people working for peace and understanding between people of different faiths and ethnicities who build bridges between different communities based on mutual respect. 6million+ commemorates all the the Jews and other minorities* killed in the Holocaust and all subsequent genocides.** As Christians, Muslims, Jews and people of no faith we believe in challenging all forms of prejudice and sharing what we have in common.

*The Roma and Sinti (Gypsies), the disabled, homosexuals, trade unionists, conscientious objectors, Jehovah’s Witnesses, people of black African origin, opponents of the Nazi regime, the homeless and the destitute.

**A genocide is the deliberate extermination of a minority. Genocides since World War II have taken place in countries including Rwanda, Cambodia, Bosnia and Iraq.