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A film of remembrance to mark the 25th anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide that took place on 11th July 1995.

Officially launched at 11am on 11th July 2020

The film lasts approximately 15 minutes.  Watch some or all of it and come back for more.  Please share with your family and friends. 

Created by over 70 participants in Kirklees and Leeds during lockdown, when a group of refugees and migrants, families, students and artists from Leeds and Kirklees created cubes inspired by Rahat Lokum (Bosnian Turkish Delight) to remember the sweetness of 25 of the 8,372 men and boys murdered at Srebrenica.

The group also thought about missed loved ones during lockdown. This lyrical film of remembrance is an unfolding of the cubes, drawings, thoughts and reflections, with music from Bosnian composer Sanja Cin.  

A project initiated by 6 Million+ Charitable Trust in partnership with Creative Scene.

Latest Posts
(Aug '23)projects / UpdateWe were approached by the New Vic Theatre team to be the hosts of an amazing play called My Thousand Year Old Land to mark the Remembering Srebrenica anniversary. To accompany this, 6 million+ participants designed and created a beautiful mosaic made out of flowers, with the Srebrenica flower at its centre, surrounded by flowers from the many different cultures represented in our group. A new song was co-written with Bosnian musician Sanja Cin. Ukrainian singer Natalia Mirkun and local musician Andy Burton worked with the group to practice the song. The song and the mosaic, together with clay tiles made by everyone, were shared with the audience, after the performance of the play. Many thanks to Kirklees Council and the Brelms Trust for making this very special process possible. [...]
(Jan '23)projects / UpdateOver forty of us enjoyed a festive party together in Dewsbury. For some people pass the parcel was a whole new experience! Everyone brought wonderful food and songs to share. As well as celebrating together, we talked about ideas for the future: printing workshops, writing and performance towards Holocaust Memorial Day in January. Almost 50 participants attended 5 printing workshops with artist Karen Stansfield, assisted by Mohanned from Syria, making portraits of one another as survivors, victims, rescuers and/or community builders. Karen also worked with the BIASAN women’s refugee group in Bradford with the support of Aber. The portraits and writing were on display at the Extraordinary People (HMD) event at Dewsbury Town Hall. Mohanned and Emiras’ paintings were exhibited at the event. Participants were also involved in animating the Weeping Sisters, offering messages for the future and lighting candles of remembrance. They served delicious and very welcome teas and coffees from many cultures at the end of the event. We were very happy to welcome Ukrainain refugees to the event. [...]
(Nov '22)projects / UpdateMembers of the 6 million+ family, Fatima, Hussain, Dieudonne and Emira were interviewed and recorded for the TOWNSOUNDS project as part of Kirklees Year of Music. Townsounds is a snapshot of Huddersfield’s musical heritage – past and present – charting how music-making in the town strengthened not only the town’s civic identity, but also social networks and notions of community. Hussain and Fatima performing at the Carry My Story event Photographer: Malcom Johnson Participants have continued to enjoy the Unmasking Pain creative arts workshops together, led by 6 million+ artists and Balbir Singh Dance Company in Huddersfield spaces. Anyone managing any sort of long term pain and their friends and family members have been welcome. The group produced poetry in Arabic and English, puppets, movement patterns, drawings and putting music to words with Bobak the saxophone player. An Unmasking Pain exhibition opened in the Piazza, Huddersfield. Many of our friends and participants were featured. The exhibition will travel to Leeds and Durham. [...]
(Sep '22)projects2022 saw five of our Weeping Sisters travel to Scarborough to be part of this lovely festival all things big – and our sisters fitted right in!  We shared stories, music and theatre to encourage people  to think about and empathise with asylum seekers throughout the last century.  Zenobia, our Syrian Weeping Sister, took the chance to stand by the sea and commemorate all those who have lost their lives trying to reach safety. Zenobia on the beach Images courtesy of Big Ideas By The Sea and Matt Cooper [...]
(Oct '21)projects / UpdateFriendship Through Puppets parade A parade of the Weeping Sisters, including the new Syrian Sister created by local people, refugees and students in Kirklees. Creating two unique outdoor events in Dewsbury and Batley, featuring: A parade of the puppet sisters The dance of Zenobia Accompanied by her flock of laughing doves and ibis With music from Banda Na Rua Samba Band and Ney player Mina Salama Saturday 6th November 2021 11am: Market Place, Dewsbury, WF13 1AE 2pm: Market Place, Batley, WF17 5DA [...]