Dec 22 – Jan 23

Over forty of us enjoyed a festive party together in Dewsbury. For some people pass the parcel was a whole new experience! Everyone brought wonderful food and songs to share.

As well as celebrating together, we talked about ideas for the future: printing workshops, writing and performance towards Holocaust Memorial Day in January.

Almost 50 participants attended 5 printing workshops with artist Karen Stansfield, assisted by Mohanned from Syria, making portraits of one another as survivors, victims, rescuers and/or community builders.

Karen also worked with the BIASAN women’s refugee group in Bradford with the support of Aber. The portraits and writing were on display at the Extraordinary People (HMD) event at Dewsbury Town Hall. Mohanned and Emiras’ paintings were exhibited at the event.

Participants were also involved in animating the Weeping Sisters, offering messages for the future and lighting candles of remembrance. They served delicious and very welcome teas and coffees from many cultures at the end of the event. We were very happy to welcome Ukrainain refugees to the event.