friendship and solidarity

Participants, volunteers and artists at 6 million+ continue to work together in a spirit of friendship and solidarity in spite of the repercussions of the terrible  conflict in Israel and Gaza. As a group of people from many places, many of whom have direct experience of war and genocide, we are earnestly hoping and praying for a halt to the violence and the initiation of talks towards a peaceful resolution.

As an organisation that often expresses messages through music, we are drawn to the “Prayer of the Mothers” song featured on a video made by¬†Women Wage Peace.

Women Wage Peace
Prayer Of The Mothers : Yael Deckelbaum

This is a coalition of Jewish and Arab women who have been tireless and undeterred in trying to find pathways towards a peaceful and secure co-existence of Israelis and Palestinians. In October 2016, thousands of  women walked from the north of Israel to Jerusalem in a call for peace.  As events have escalated in Israel and Gaza, they continue to share the song and video as part of their mission to establish peace and reconciliation.