Event 5: Polish, Italian and Serbian participants visit the UK, 23-25 Jan 2018

Finally, the 20 participants from 4 countries came together again in Huddersfield, UK to prepare and present a Holocaust Memorial Day event for audiences on the street and indoors.

A procession of Weeping Sisters giant puppets, accompanied by music was the first event. Cultural groups were involved in the making of the puppets and people from the UK community sang and played music to accompany them alongside the EU participants. Over 100 people followed the procession and over 40 people were involved in delivering it.

The procession finished at the University of Huddersfield where the indoor event began for an audience of over 150 people. EU partners offered their presentations of storytelling, music, poetry, film, audio, song and artwork as part of an event that also involved young people, Holocaust survivors and refugees.

During the event, members of the audience participated by finding luggage labels with buttons attached under their seats. There were messages and questions on the labels, inviting people to take responsibility for their actions and make their town/country a safe and welcoming place.