Event 1: UK participants visit Lublin, Poland, 8-10 March 2017.

Five UK participants visited Poland in March 2017 and delivered a range of participatory activities with participants in Lublin to stimulate discussion and reflection on the themes of remembrance and active citizenship in relation to avoiding genocide and supporting refugees. These included: sharing a short film made by 6 million+ Trust, featuring the stories of survivors; a dramatic presentation of the stories of 3 women survivors; hearing the testimonies of survivors now living in Lublin; visiting historic places of interest; writing a collective poem; making figures of survivors; and answering four key questions about remembrance –

  1. Why is it important to remember past events?
  2. What responsibility do we carry to guard against genocide?
  3. How can we effect change locally, nationally and internationally?
  4. What power to do the arts have to express remembrance and communicate important messages?

The group also began to prepare creative responses together to share later in the UK.

“It doesn’t take a declaration or an invasion for genocide to begin, all it takes is an ‘us’ and a ‘them.’ ” Assef